Web-Based Software

over the air adaptability. our web based software helps you keep track of all your assets

Customizable Software

Lat-Lon provides 24/7 secure access to data with our Web-Based Software. All of our products can be viewed from any device. Pick and choose what you see, save time by filtering the data you care about. The custom reports manager is editable and creates specific reports for your operation. We know your time is valuable, create exception reports on the fly. Hide, rename and move the data to your preference so you can easily locate what is most important.


You Decide Who Has Access

This user friendly interface offers administrative settings to allow different levels of access for users both internal and external to your company. Administrators can create virtual geofences, geopoints, and tripwires to offer detailed data for key points of interest. 

Make The Software Do The Work For You

Schedule automatic reports for email delivery to multiple recipients without having to login. Create custom notifications for specified criteria and design messages that will be sent via email or text message using our alerts manager.  Take advantage of the Lat-Lon app that can be used on any IOS or Android smart device.

To schedule a demonstration please send a note to sales@lat-lon.com.


Improve Utilization

Set custom parameters to see the data that matters most to you.

Location Tracking

User Friendly

Our system is easy to learn and added with administrative privileges, you will be able to add as many users as needed giving your managers access to vital data.