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Regulations and Fees

Regulation and Fees can be a nightmare, let us help you comply

The regulations shippers must adhere to have become more complex, while operating  budgets have become tighter. Whether shipping hazardous materials, explosives or perishable food products. Our Solar Powered Products are top of the line and totally customizable to meet your needs. Check on any of your assets with our user friendly Web-Based Software to make sure there are no issues at any time. Lat-Lon’s tracking systems can help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations by monitoring:


  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Intrastate movements
  • High Threat Urban Area locations
  • Over Speed Occurrences
  • Security


Provide data for each shipment in regards to temperature, speed or impact


Know when assets are in High Threat Urban Areas (HTUA) or other Points of Interest