Our sensors and products help reduce down time for maintenance

If your fixed or mobile asset is being damaged or incurring high maintenance costs, it’s important to identify the main problem areas. Our Solar Tracking Unit is the perfect device to keep track of all your mobile assets. We can monitor critical systems to help you pinpoint issues that need to be addressed to improve asset health and know when inspections should be done by knowing critical information such as:

  • Hand Brake status
  • Doors or hatch status
  • Impacts
  • Temperatures
  • Pressures
  • Speeds
  • Mileage
  • Moving time
  • Idling time

Temperature gauge, our sensors can help reduce maintenance cost


Save money and time with accurate tracking and monitoring. No longer do you have to rely on what drivers are reporting or estimate mileage on your assets. With GPS tracking and customizable sensors, you will know exactly when to schedule inspections and replace crucial components.


Monitor hot bearings and hand brake to prevent wheel damage

Repair Length

Preventative Maintenance

Know when to perform preventative maintenance