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Lat-Lon is not just a GPS supplier, we help companies in all industries utilize their assets to the fullest potential. Our patented Solar Powered design means that you can focus on what’s important while saving costs in the long run.


Since 1999, Lat-Lon has innovated in monitoring technology, data analytics, and customer service in many industries. Contact us today and let us help you customize solutions to fit your needs
Lat-Lon has over 20 years of experience in providing telematic monitoring solutions for rail assets. Additionally,  we have solutions for all kinds of Locomotive, Railcars, Intermodal and MOW Rail Assets, Lat-Lon can provide the answers you are looking for.
Do you ever feel like your business is not as organized as it could be? Lat-Lon helps Monitor Asset Efficiency, Cargo Integrity & Security. Therefore helping you and your customers know the status of all shipments
Our Compact Tracking Unit (CTU) is the tracking and monitoring solution you are looking for. It has the perfect footprint for all your container needs as well as our famous solar technology to keep you in the loop wherever your cargo may go.
Our units are solar-powered, rugged, and waterproof. They provide frequent updates on asset location, speed, movement, along with real-time alerts if particular conditions are met. Alerts are sent via email or sms to cell phones.

Let Lat-Lon help monitor your important assets in all kinds of industries. For instance, not only do our products help see where your asset is, but can also provide money saving and productivity solutions.


At Lat-Lon, we take pride in the products we create. Every design, every material, and every inch of space used is carefully thought about to provide the best service possible. Moreover, all of our products can be used in multiple industries with customized sensors. Our research and development comes straight from our customers, with attention to their needs, our sensors and devices serve a real world purpose. As an industry leader in GPS tracking solutions and monitoring, hence we are constantly making an effort to innovate and produce top of the line products.

We know that every customers needs are different, and we are here to help cater to your specific situation. Our patented solar technology is powerful and self sustainable thus resulting in less down time and more frequent updates. Lat-Lon’s web based service allows to you to track your valuable assets from the convenience of your phone or computer making your overall experience an easy and pleasant one.

GPS monitoring on Tappan Zee Bridge Construction

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