Cargo Integrity

Intermodal containers need to be monitored to keep cargo integrity

With temperature-sensitive loads, it’s important to maintain a stable environment to prevent spoilage and adhere to environmental regulations. With our solar powered monitoring units, you can receive the data to reduce cargo damage and limit liabilities.

Our solution helps you monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure level
  • Impacts
  • Door, hatch and valve integrity
  • Tilt
  • Motion Detection
  • Camera for visual information

Wireless Flexibility

Over 20 wireless sensors can be added to provide maximum flexibility. Wired sensors can also be deployed depending on your needs.


Monitor any rail asset from any device


Receive near real-time alerts to ensure cargo integrity, react to impacts, and to prevent future damages


Know when content temperature rises or drops below custom thresholds to prevent spoilage


Know the integrity of doors or hatches to prevent theft and damage to goods. With Adaptive Device Configuration (ADC), Lat-Lon give you the power to identify unlawful entry to your trailer or railcar.