Lat-Lon is changing the cost and size of the tracking market, while offering more messages.  The new Micro Tracking Unit (MTU) is the smallest solar powered unit designed by Lat-Lon, measuring less than 4”x 4”x 2.5”.  The MTU eliminates the costly cellular data plan within typical telematics units.   The MTU transmits data via LoRa to a paired Gateway within a range of up to one mile or stores messages for later transmission.

LoRa, a proprietary radio modulation technology, offers low power, low cost, long range wireless technology specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Data is communicated to a network of Gateways that are connected to the Internet.  This is known as a Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN).  Communication is secure and bi-directional using frequency hopping and variable data rates.  LoRa is considered a compliment to M2M technology best used for low power operations.

A LoRa Micro Tracking Unit (MTU) repackages the circuitry of the larger Solar Tracking Unit (STU) into a smaller, more focused, footprint.  It is intended for low-cost asset location applications such as construction equipment at a job site, tracking railcars within a yard, or creating delivery vehicle trips reports.  The Solar-Powered MTU is designed to collect solar energy from every sun angle.  It essentially receives a “fresh set of batteries” daily via direct or indirect sunlight, allowing for frequent messages without shortening the unit lifespan.

LoRa communications has the benefits of no data costs between the MTUs and the back haul gateway and will suffer no cellular protocol sunsets such as 2G, 3G etc.  Your LoRa fleet, once purchased, will operate indefinitely.  Reports, summaries and graphs of the data are available through Lat-Lon’s powerful website.  Other data delivery options are available as needed.

“LoRa vastly expands the market for GPS tracking and data collection by removing the recurring costs normally associated with such services.  Now, GPS tracking is a one-time capital acquisition instead of an operating expense.”  Notes Lat-Lon President David Baker.

Lat-Lon is a member of the LoRa alliance to help promote understanding and consistency for success in IoT and M2M applications.  While not stepping away from traditionally real-time cellular tracking technology, Lat-Lon is pursuing additional options for lower operating cost for real-time yard operations and non-real-time data logging when out of Gateway range.  Learn more at:

About Lat-Lon: Lat-Lon, LLC was founded in 1999 in Denver, Colorado provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile or stationary assets.  Lat-Lon’s key products include a solar-powered GPS monitoring system (STU) for railcars and trailers and a locomotive monitoring unit (LMU) that allows fleet managers to know the condition and location of their assets at any given time.  For further information contact Lat-Lon at 877-300-6566 or visit  Lat-Lon is owned by BSM Technologies Inc. (Toronto, ON) Stock Symbol: TSE:GPS.  For more information, please visit