Solar Powered GPS Products

Solar Powered GPS Products:

Our Solar Powered GPS devices are tested to the toughest standards, ensuring a long and functional life span. Our units provide a reliable frequency that needs little to no maintenance. Monitoring mobile assets increases productivity, reduces dwell times, gives you exact location, and alerts you of any issues.


Mini STU Front GPS Tracking

Mini Solar Tracking Unit (Mini STU)

Lat-Lon’s Mini Solar Tracking Unit (MiniSTU) provides GPS tracking and relays critical information for Rail, Barge, Intermodal, and Trucking assets. This self-contained device uses patented solar-powered technology to self-charge, allowing sensors to report day and night while delivering more messages over a longer lifetime.

Solar powered GPS tracking unit with impact detection

Solar Tracking Unit (STU 15K)

Lat-Lon’s top of the line tracking unit. This self-contained device uses patented Solar Powered GPS technology to self-charge. Because of it’s efficient use of power, sensors are able to report day or night and deliver more messages over the lifetime of the product. A wide variety of sensors are available resulting in a totally customizable system.



Solar Tracking Unit, Solar GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Hazardous Location Solar Tracking Unit 

The Solar Tracking Unit HL provides critical information for any type of asset used in hazardous environments. With Solar Powered GPS technology as well as certified in Class I Div 2 locations. The device is perfect chemical and petroleum shipments  where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are present.


Other Monitoring Solutions:

Mesh network

Mesh RF

Mesh technology allows you to receive a complete view of your equipment at a lower cost while increasing productivity and visibility of assets. Sensors are installed on equipment and pass data along, similar to a bucket brigade, to a Solar-Powered Access Point Unit (AP) which contains a modem.