Are you maximizing your productivity?

How often do you feel like you could squeeze more out of your work day? If you’re like me, then it’s a probably pretty often. We are always trying to find the right tool or technique to help with organization or procrastination. As a result, people realize they aren’t machines. We can’t always download some magical app and instantly become the most efficient workhorse of all time. It takes a little time, patience and a desire to learn. The people who desire to become better are the people who come out on top. 

How we can help

Lat-Lon has the tools to improve your quality of life and increase your productivity. Our easy to learn software combined with the top of the line rugged hardware will in fact make your day more productive. Spend less time worrying if your cargo is going to get somewhere, and more time on developing way to make it get there faster. 

How data made my life easier

As a marketer, the technology that changed my life, and my perspective on productivity was google analytics. In a field where most of my work is to create content and to make things look nice; traffic statistics and click rates are sometimes far from the mind. When I truly learned how to interpret the data and the correlation it had to my workflow, my life became exponentially more productive. It wasn’t about reinventing the wheel every time something failed, it’s about finding what works, and how to maximize the output.

How big data can help you

Here at Lat-Lon we strive to make our customers lives easier. Our products are designed to give you all the necessary data to maximize your productivity. Imagine that you’re a rail fleet manager who can’t understand why some lines never seem to get out of a yard on time. How do you find out where your assets are without calling a yard and hoping to find an answer? With our user-friendly Web-based software, you can easily see exactly where your train is, how long it has been sitting, and a whole lot more with our customizable sensors.

“But I already have fleet management software”

We love that! It means you are well on your way to maximizing your asset potential. Our products can easily report to your current software and give you the data to push your assets to where they need to be.

Where do I start?

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