The new Hazardous Location Solar Tracking Unit:

Lat-Lon, LLC (“Lat-Lon”), a subsidiary of BSM Technologies Inc. (TSX: GPS), announced today the launch of its new 15K Hazardous Location Solar Tracking Unit (“STU15K-HL”) hardware device.  The STU15K-HL is the latest version of Lat-Lon’s most popular tracking and monitoring hardware device, specifically designed to withstand hazardous conditions.  Upgrades to the STU15K-HL include the Lat-Lon certified category one 4G modem with 3G rollback, extended power capabilities for longer life in the dark, and enhanced geo-item options.  Decreased power draws results in more frequent reporting on location and sensor data from the STU15K-HL. In addition, impact and wireless sensor options continue to be available on the STU15K-HL.

What is a Hazardous Location?

“Hazardous locations are areas where flammable liquids, gases or vapors or combustible dusts exist in sufficient quantities to produce an explosion or fire. In hazardous locations, specially designed equipment and special installation techniques must be used to protect against the explosive and flammable potential of these substances,” as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Publication 3073.  The STU15K-HL is certified for Nonincendive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I and II, Division 2 and Class III, Divisions 1 and 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations.

“The STU15K-HL enables our customers to receive more frequent messages on both locations and valuable sensor data.  The tireless efforts by our engineering team allow Lat-Lon to offer the highest quality product to our customers for advanced reporting in hazardous locations.  The chemical industry just gained a valuable tool to use for collection of data on their shipments” said Ms. Amy Boehm, Vice-President at Lat-Lon.

The STU15K-HL can be used on tank cars and tank trailers to monitor conditions of hazardous material during shipment. It is the perfect tool for any container that needs Class 1 Div 2 monitoring.

About Lat-Lon, LLC

Founded in 1999, Lat-Lon, LLC, is located in Denver, Colorado and provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile or stationary assets.  Lat-Lon’s key products include a solar-powered GPS monitoring systems (STUs) for railcars and trailers and a locomotive monitoring unit (LMU) that allows fleet managers to know the condition and location of their assets in near real-time.  For further information, please contact Lat-Lon at 877-300-6566 or visit  Lat-Lon is a subsidiary of BSM Technologies Inc. (TSX: GPS).  For more information, please visit The Toronto Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved of the information contained in this news release.

For inquiries, please contact:

Amy Boehm
Vice-President, Lat-Lon
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