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    Lat-Lon Dec 2017 Newsletter

    Get up to date with the latest Lat-Lon news. Including the release of our smallest solar-powered unit yet, the MTU. Learn more about LoRa, which is in our new MTU as well as our recently introduced LoRa-STU. LoRa significantly drops the reoccurring data fees typical of cellular units. Additional updates include BSM completing Mobi Acquisition along with Map and App updates for users.

    December 2017 Newsletter

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    Lat-Lon July 2017 Newsletter

    Learn what is new at Lat-Lon with the July 2017 newsletter. We joined the LoRa alliance to allow us to pusrue additional options to provide our customers an option for lower operating cost. Map changes will be visible soon to customers, providing better speed and visibility. Also, a new trip report can be added to customer accounts to help with asset optimization.

    July 2017 Newsletter

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    Lat-Lon March 2017 Newsletter

    The latest Lat-Lon news. We created an additional way of viewing impacts on customer accounts. The impact filtering tool removes “noise” or vibrations, and helps visualize the relationship between acceleration and delta velocity. Also on customer accounts, there has been some enhancements in creating geo-items along with toggling between map layers. Another feature in the newsletter is information on the evolution of M2M (machine to machine).

    March 2017 Newsletter

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    Lat-Lon Dec 2016 Newsletter

    The latest Lat-Lon news. Lat-Lon certifies its own 4G LTE modem with 3G rollback providing the ideal upgrade for older equipment on 2G networks. Additional sensor options for the Compact Tracking Unit will be available in spring, increasing the functionality of this small unit designed to fit in container grooves and other tight spaces. Also, Lat-Lon’s parent company, BSM, acquires Mobi Corp. Mobi Corp specializes in appointment scheduling, route optimization, and analytics software solutions.

    Dec 2016 Newsletter

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    Lat-Lon Oct 2016 Newsletter

    Lat-Lon news and updates. Learn more on how to use big data to protect your assets and grow efficiencies with Lat-Lon’s Big Data Analytics in Rail whitepaper. Adaptive device configuration, available on STUs, can now disable/enable alerts to help you get alerted when you want to and not when you don’t. As far as products, a reminder that our Locomotive Monitoring Unit can have an added feature to automatically start and stop your engines, reducing unneeded idle time and we have recently introduced the Compact Tracking Unit, a slimmer version of our Solar tracking Unit.

    Lat-Lon Oct 2016 Newsletter

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    Lat-Lon June 2016 Newsletter

    Lat-Lon announces the Compact Tracking Unit, a new solar-powered unit designed to fit in small spots such as the grooves of a container. It is similar to our legendary Solar Tracking Unit and has many of the same features. Also new, is a feature for our Solar Tracking Units called Adaptive Device Configuration. This changes the reporting frequency for units so you’ll receive more messages when you want to without any real-time work. Another inclusion is a recap of our Big Data Driving Rail Decisions FastCast.

    June 2016 Newsletter

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