Toronto, ON

Today, BSM Technologies, with Lat-Lon, has announced its new BSM Technology Innovation Award. The award will recognize leadership and innovation in adopting Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the rail industry. BSM & Lat-Lon, who together deliver best-in-class IoT solutions for rail, will be presenting the award at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association Connections Show (ASLRRA) in April of 2018.

The winner will be recognized publicly at the ASLRRA show, prefaced by a press release and information brief on their significant contributions to IoT advancements and industry progress.

“We, at BSM, are impressed with how the adoption of technology in the rail industry consistently translates into significant tangible business results, ultimately advancing the industry as a whole as well as the communities in which we all operate.  Now, more than ever, we’re seeing our industry leaders set themselves apart with creative implementations designed to address immediate and longer-term growth strategies.  With our 2+ decades partnering in rail we believe we’re uniquely positioned to recognize exceptional contributions via our Innovation Award,” said Aly Rahemtulla, BSM President & CEO.

Dave Baker, President of Lat-Lon says “Often our customers see our solution as a stand-alone system they can use to improve efficiency.  The reality is that the best utilization of our technology is when our customers integrate the location and sensor data into their business operations.  The addition of our data into the customer’s databases, business practices and customer-facing applications fulfills the true potential of the Internet of Things.  It’s what we call virtual presence for all things shipped by train, truck or barge–and our customer’s customers love it!”

“All of us at BSM Technologies have great pride in our extensive solution portfolio, uniting all assets into one platform, and in our unique capability to deliver the right solution for our vertical customers,” adds Brendan Shaw, EVP Sales.  BSM has undergone significant growth through the merger with Webtech Wireless and acquisition of industry leaders such as Mobi Corp, JMM, and Lat-Lon.  The combined technology accelerates BSM’s ability to provide a single platform for all assets across various industries.  Lat-Lon’s highly customizable rail products complement BSM solutions, key in the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and HOS (Hours of Service) compliance space.

About BSM Technologies Inc. ( BSM Technologies Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of remote monitoring, fleet tracking, fleet maintenance and a business intelligence engine providing real time web‐based tracking of mobile and fixed assets. BSM provides solutions for rail, construction, service and government organization who manage and operate diverse assets and large fleets. Their solutions help companies enhance customer service; improve the safety of their drivers and vehicles, and lower business costs. For more information, please visit

About Lat-Lon: Lat-Lon, LLC was founded in 1999 in Denver, Colorado and provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile assets with a specific focus on the rail market. Lat-Lon’s key products include a Locomotive Monitoring Unit (LMU) and a Solar-Powered Tracking Unit (STU) for railcars and trailers that allows fleet managers to know the condition and location of their assets at any given time.  For further information contact Lat-Lon at 877-300-6566 or visit