Rail Yard

Rail Yard Tech

How many freight trucks did you share the highway with during your road trip this summer?  According to Forbes.com, it was less than last year and even fewer than the year before. A trend that is expected to continue in the coming years.

Why? There are several factors, but topping the list are advancements in rail yard technology, the fluctuating price of diesel, and improved delivery speeds. More and more freight traffic has shifted from roads to rails, where trains can move one ton of goods about 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

How telematics connect the rail yard

Telematic monitoring solutions do so much more for rail operators than merely ensuring their cargo gets delivered on time and in the right condition. Solutions such as Connected Rail Yard from Lat-Lon provide real-time reporting on location, temperature, and weight. This information is displayed on a simplified dashboard. Along with usage data to help rail fleets and operators improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of network operations.

More than dollars

As if running a tighter rail operation and saving money wasn’t enough, telematics offers huge safety benefits for the people working for you. Connecting your rail yard enables you to institute the appropriate safety protocols required at regional and federal levels. It also provides a way for your rail operators to more efficiently meet compliance and safety requirements. Railroad Technology helps with HOS logs and inspections, with sensors to measure acceleration, temperature, and impact, as well as hazardous material tracking.

You CAN have it all

There are many companies in the telematics field that can monitor and report on usage and other metrics, and there’s another handful that use solar energy to monitor powerless assets (i.e., rail cars). The difference with BSM and Lat-Lon lies in the power of leveraging both technologies to bring a truly integrated monitoring and reporting experience to our customers.

Now that we have your attention

We dove deep into the ins and outs of the 21st-century rail yard and the benefits of connecting it in our whitepaper: 5 Keys to Improving Rail Yard Visibility. We encourage you to read it and then reach out to us so we can discuss how BSM and Lat-Lon can customize the Connected Rail Yard for your organization.