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Tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile assets

More than GPS

Monitor your mobile assets through our web based solutions

Cargo integrity

GPS monitoring gives you alerts to impacts, temperature changes, and when doors open to ensure cargo integrity.


Enhance safety from crew and assets visibility to monitoring hot bearings and handbrake position.


Prevent wheel damage, monitor repair length, and know when to perform preventative maintenance with help from GPS monitoring.


Improve asset utilization with easy to draw geo-features for optimal response upon arrival, departure, or routing changes. Depend on GPS with immediate visibility and seamless integration into existing software platforms for reliable answers.

Regulation and fees

From tax reporting challenges to ELD compliance, Lat-Lon and Geotab have the right solutions for you.

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Over 24 years of solar powered monitoring experience

Our Solar Powered GPS devices are tested to the toughest standards, ensuring a long and functional life span. Our units provide a reliable frequency that needs little to no maintenance. Monitoring mobile assets increases productivity, reduces dwell times, gives you exact location, and alerts you of any issues.

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Our solar products

A solar tracking unit mounted on a rail car.

Solar Tracking Unit

Lat-Lon's Solar Tracking Unit provides GPS tracking and relays critical information for Rail, Barge, Intermodal, and Trucking assets. This self-contained device uses patented solar-powered technology to self-charge, allowing sensors to report day and night while delivering more messages over a longer lifetime. The STU has a low profile that mounts directly to your asset, the easy install process makes implementation stress free.

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At Lat-Lon we strive to make your life easier by creating simple and effective solutions to all your transport needs. Contact us today and we can start the process to an effective and also productive monitoring system.

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Over 24 years of solar powered experience

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